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City of Vaughan Development Planning Department fonds

  • CA CoV Archives RG 14
  • Fonds
  • 1968-2015 [predominant 1968-1996]

Fonds consists of multiple types of records. The City of Vaughan Development Planning Department fonds is constituted of four series: general reference files, 1968-1995; aerial photographs, [ca. 1940]-1991; Cartographic records, 1952-1982 (predominant ; 1964-1974); and Cultural Heritage files, 2015. The first series is semi-active and consists of studies, reports, subject correspondence, by-laws, administrative records, as well as supporting maps and site plans. The aerial photograph series provide evidence of the considerable physical transition experienced by Vaughan since WWII as a result of development. The Cartographic records series consists of plates (i.e. maps showing land boundaries, subdivision, ownership, and all data essential to identify all units thereon), as well as base street maps and topographical maps. Finally, the cultural heritage series consists of housing documentation and heritage inventory files, pertinent to existing and demolished historic properties within the municipality.

Accession RG 14-016.1 consists of 5 legal sized bankers boxes, containing subway design reports created for the Toronto/York Spadina Subway Extension Projects. The reports pertain to the Steeles West Station, the Highway 407 Station and the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station. These boxes were transferred from the JOC in August of 2016.

Accession RG 14-018.1 consisted of materials relating to the Maple Heritage District, including: 179 projector slides, photographs, reports and various Maple maps and subdivision plans.

Accession RG 14-018.2 consisted of a transfer of 4 bankers boxes from the JOC, which contained ca. 1000 photographs, 89 floppy disks and 6 cm of textual materials relating to Vaughan's Built Heritage. Due to conservation concers, all the floppy disk images were converted onto CDs , as well as shared on the City's "Corp Share (F:)" drive for easier access.

See accession forms for full list of materials transferred.

Accession M022.3 consists of maps depicting a watermain relocation. The maps also depict several historical buildings, as well as City Hall, in the surrounding area.

City of Vaughan Engineering Services Department Fonds

  • CA CoV Archives RG 17
  • Fonds
  • 1995-2003

Fonds consists of aerial photographs that cover the entire City of Vaughan and include images of streets and highways, rivers, railway lines and stations, hospitals, community centres, subdivisions, conservation areas, public attractions, reservoirs, factories and plants, lumber yards, airfields, fairgrounds, and shopping centres. Also included are "indexes" for each year which make finding a particular photograph or area of Vaughan quite easy. Also included is a Leroy Lettering Set which was used for mechanical lettering on maps and drawings in the Engineering Services Dept until 1995/96 at which time computers took a more prevalent role in the department's business functions. Also included are a polar planimeter which was used to determine metric area, and a case containing fifty-five railroad curves which were used in the design and layout of roads.

Jim Cameron fonds [Textual records and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 31
  • Fonds
  • 1934-2001, predominant 1950-1990

Fonds consists of plans, reports, studies, correspondence, published materials, essays, and newspaper clippings which document the planning and development of Vaughan. Specific Vaughan topics within the fonds include the Maple dump, the Maple theme park, the Woodbridge annexation, and the building of the Vaughan industrial park, to name but a few. Moreover, official plans and studies for Thornhill, Maple, Kleinburg, Nashville, and Woodbridge provide invaluable evidence as to the evolutionary development of these communities.

Mary Wood collection [Textual record and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 10
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1900]-2003, predominant 1929-1984

Fonds consists of textual records, photographic material and objects. Textual material predominantly composed of scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, typescripts, circulars, brief histories and biographical sketches, pamphlets, etc. Also, graphic material including photoprints, some of which are located in the abovereferenced binders, slides, and microfiche copies of 2 photo albums. All material reflects Mrs. Wood's eclectic conception of those topics, events, persons, places, etc. constituting the history of the Vaughan area, with a particular emphasis on Woodbridge. M013.40 includes 19 diaries kept by Mary Wood between 1928 and 1989 as well as various cookbooks from the 1960s-1980s, photos of the Mud Brick House being moved, photos of the Fairground Lane Houses in Woodbridge being developed, and a Woodbridge School class photo from 1914 or 1915 as well as a book recording the graves at various cemeteries between 1921 and 1954. Also a book with obituary newspaper clippings from 1982 to 1989 and details on Wayne and Gert's 1956 wedding.

M019.3 contains material from Mary Wood received via Ann and Wayne Wood. This accession contains physical material from the Woodbridge Fall Fair (one cap, one candy dish, one entry ticket), one button with a mirror and a photograph material related to the funerals of Mary Wood, John Wood, and various others held at Scott Funeral Home in Woodbridge from 1969 to 1980. There is also 108 various Woodbridge photos (some identified, some not), 4 photo negatives, 1 stereosocopic negative, 14 negative strips, 3 postcards, business cards from Woodbridge in the mid-20th century, a baby book and pamphlet for Wayne Wood and funeral registers for (James Alvin Wood and Mary Wood, as well as the marriage certifcate and wedding book for John Wood and Mary (nee Brown) Wood. In addition, there are a couple scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, cards and documents, and a portrait of Mary Wood.

Thornhill Women's Institute Fonds

  • CA CoV Archives MG 35
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1997 Microfilmed, [ca. 1983]

Fonds consists of minute books from 1977 to 1997 which record the decisions of executive and district annual meetings, membership lists, lists of meetings held, cash expenditures, financial statements, records of attendance, and lists of officers and directors. Fonds also contains six Tweedsmuir Village Histories which consist of photos, biographies, newspaper clippings, stories and first-hand accounts, a history of the Thornhill Women

Vaughan Township notices [Textual records]

  • CA CoV Archives M009.25
  • File
  • 1934-1936

File consists of six posters (four of them copies) issued by Vaughan Township concerning a by-law to dispose of several portions of highways and inviting members of the public to express their opinions at the upcoming council meeting.

Woodbridge fonds

  • CA CoV Archives RG 4
  • Fonds
  • 1869-1970, predominant 1882-1970

Fonds consists of evidence of the organization, functions, and activities of the municipality's constituent bodies, elected and appointed. Specific areas of jurisdiction and activity delineated include: local ordinances, elections, county and provincial relations, finance and accounting, legal matters, judicial affairs, police and fire protection, municipal planning, public works, hydro-electric service, education(S.S. #14), libraries, licencing, public health and welfare, statistical gathering, records custodianship, recreation, and housing.