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Cameron (family) Fonds
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Jesse Bryson fonds [Textual record and Graphic material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 9
  • Fonds
  • 1841-1990, predominant 1905-1976

Fonds consists of Vaughan Township Council minutes, 1930; voters lists 1958, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1970; annual report of Council, 1947, 1964; report of Waterworks Committee, 1964; and sundry material. Numerous legal documents relating to the Bryson property, east half of lot 34, concession 7 are present; these include the original deed conveying the subject lands to James McMurchy in 1841, as well as the last will and testament of James and Archibald McMurchy, respectively. Also present is advertising material re: Vaughan Industrial Acres, and a report on historically and architecturally significant structures in Vaughan, 1975, and a biographical sketch of Major "Lex" Mackenzie. Images depict the class of 1916 of the Agricultural Short Course offered by the Ont. Ministry of Agriculture, the Maple Cattle Breeders Association, 1946, and architecture and streetscapes in Vaughan Township, 1920-1976; (predominantly 1975-1976). A number of the photographs appear to be formatted for the production of G. E. Reaman's 1971 monograph re: Vaughan Township. A small aggregate of early 20th century postcards relating to Vaughan and Woodbridge collected by Jesse Bryson round out the fonds. The records donated by the Brysons in 2000 are composed of Vaughan Council minutes from 1867-1972; correspondence; electoral boundary maps; Vaughan Township by-laws(1850-1983) and policies; reports from the Vaughan Planning Department; election brochures; voter lists; community pamphlets for events in which Jesse either participated or attended; papers from the Soil Conservation society of America, the Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, York County Federation of Agriculture, and Black Creek Pioneer Village; Vaughan Treasurer Accounts from 1893-1905; Vaughan Auditors Reports; planning reports from the C.N.R. Railyard; 2 1918 photographs from the Agricultural Short Course; pamphlets and papers from the International Plowing Match; reports from the Purpleville School Board of Trustees; posters and letters concerning the Vaughan Liquor Vote of 1963; records from the Vaughan Museum Committee; annual reports from the York Central Hospital; letters and reports from the Soil Conservation Society of America; tax assessments from 1921-1970; letters from the Agricultural Institute of Canada; programs from the opening of the Bloorview Children

McClure family fonds [Textual record and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 68
  • Fonds
  • 1833-2002

Fonds consists of records documenting the personal lives and history of the McClure family, in particular of Samuel and Nancy McClure and their eight children, as well as material related to the history of Elder's Mills. Records consist of correspondence; sound recordings and transcribed interviews with members of the McClure family; postcards; invitations to the McClure and Cameron family gatherings; assessment notices and tax bills for Lot 14, Concession 8 and Lot 15, Concession 8; letters regarding the sale of Lot 14, Concession 8 and Lot 11, Concession 9; a book titled "The Clan McClure" compiled by Thomas Andrew McClure; a scrapbook; photographs of the Knox Presbyterian Church and Elder's Mills Public School; the bank book and ledger from the Elder's Mills Old Boys Association; historical write-ups of Elder's Mills used in the book "Remembering Elder's Mills"; and a series of photographs of the McClure members and the various families into which they married. Members of the Cameron, Nattress, Quinn, McNeil and Agar families, who were related by marriage, are also represented in the fonds.

Accession M017.4 consists of 2cm of textual records, 5 family bibles and 19 photographs. The bibles where once owned by Andrew Waugh, Andrew McClure (2 vols.) and John and Leticia Waugh (2 vols.). Of particular interest are the Andrew McClure bibles, which contain detailed family history starting in 1788. Various photographs of the Stone House, McClure Family, Beamish Family and panoramic family reunion photos are also included.

Accession M017.6 contained one hard cover book "Samuel and Nancy (Cameron) McClure: Their Lineage, Life and Legacy" written by Ann McClure. This book is currently in the Reading Room.

Accession M018.15 consists of one (1) 1833 indenture between John Henderson and Joseph Wells for lot 13, concession 8.

Accession M019.5 consists of 4.5 cm of textual records, 1 soft cover book, 5 cabinet cards, 3 photographs and 4 cartes des vistes. Accession contains official records relating to the estates of Magaret Thomson, Thomas H. Steele, Edward Hooper, James Stewart, James Rutherford, William Beaton McGillivray, Neil McGillivray and Jane McGillivray eg. income tax forms, mortgages, deeds, bond payments, wills and settlement. Other official documents are land division outlines for Lot 19, Concession 9, a death notice for William Beaton McGillvray and a marriage certificate between James Peter McKay and Mary Ann Elliot. Accession contains four pamphlets: two on Richmond Hill Presybeterian Church, one on Woodbridge Presbyterian Church and the Gordon McGillivray Male Choir. There is also a book about William Beaton and Catherine McFee and carte de vistes, cabinet cards and photographs of members of the McGillivray and Lawrie families and individuals of Lachlan Beaton and Teenie Cameron.

Accession M019.7 consists of 4 cm of textual record, 1 cabinet card, 1 cartes des vistes, 2 glass plate negatives and 15 photographs. Records consist of certificates for accomplishments, including the joining of the Masonic Lodge, a list of those who attended George Miller's barn raising, a copy of the final edition of the Toronto Telegram Newspaper, photographs of the McClures, Walter Quinn, cows and groups of people, notably the Coleraine Public School, Junior Boys Farmers, Woodbridge United Church Choir, Elder's Mills Choral Society, and Masonic Lodge members. Accession M023.19 consists of records related to the McClure family and their life in Elder's Mills, including their roles within the community.

Vellore Women's Institute fonds [Textual record and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 1
  • Fonds
  • 1835-1994, predominant 1960-1990

Fonds consists of minute books, 1915-1982, delineating deliberations, decisions, and activities of the Vellore Women's Institute, as well as occasionally citing the names of members and officers; and Vellore Tweedsmuir history (present in original and microform). Main topical subjects addressed in the latter include: Vellore Women's Institute and its contribution to welfare and development of the community; general community history including geography and topography of the locale; municipal government; agriculture; architecture; education; trade and commerce; histories of individual farms and families; religion; experiences of the community in Canada's wars including namers of volunteers in both conflicts; the Vellore Literary Society; the Vellore Band; transcribed reminicences of such individuals as Mrs. Ann Davidson, and Elizabeth Ann Snider; (extensive coverage of Rutherford Barn Raising, 1929; as well as history of hamlet of Teston; and Purpleville School (S.S #11).
The 2002 accrual consists of the papers from the Woodbridge Agricultural Fair and the Canadian Association of Exhibitions; minute books of the Vellore Women