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Cameron family fonds [Textual record and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 36
  • Fonds
  • 1820-1995, predominant 1857-1995

Fonds consists of photographs of the annual Cameron family picnics and the Cameron and Walkington families; the 1932, 1971, 1987 editions of the booklets containing the memoirs of Donald Cameron and the remarks of his son, Archibald Cameron; write-ups on the history of Vellore and Vaughan Township; responses to invitations to the Cameron family picnics; photocopies of the 1820

Chapman family fonds [Graphic material, objects]

  • CA CoV Archives M003.5
  • Fonds
  • [187-?]

Fonds consists of two photographs, one of Thomas Chapman (1827-1880) and one of his wife, Isabella (1831-1879). Fonds also includes a long black skirt, a black beaded bodice, and a short black beaded jacket which belonged to Isabella.

Chapman family fonds [Textual record and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives M009.4
  • Fonds
  • 1926-1952

Fonds consists of report cards for Mary Seed as well as class photos and accompanying lists of student names. Many of the Chapman children appear throughout the photos.

Charles A. McNeil fonds [Graphic material]

  • CA CoV Archives M995.3
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1890]-1924

Fonds consists of photographs depicting pupils and teachers of Vellore School, 1898, 1900, 1924 (3 photoprints); an image of the congregation of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Maple, ca. 1890 in their Sunday finest; an image of a barn raising on the farm of Hon. N. Clarke Wallace of Woodbridge, 1899. Accompanying material includes lists identifying individuals in images and emphemera in form of vest pocket mileage guide, 1926 and copy of street map of City of Toronto, ca. 1920.

City of Vaughan Council fonds (RG 1)

  • CA CoV Archives RG 1
  • Fonds
  • predominant 1849-2014

Fonds consists of records that reflect the functions and activities of Council as a legislative and regulatory body in legal matters, taxation, justice and public protection, education, public health and welfare, finance, public accountability and planning. Records include, but are not limited to: working papers, minutes and resolutions, by-laws, reports to Council, and Court of Revision Records. The fonds chronicles Council activities and functions, and documents decisions and deliberations, and relationship with the civic administration, the Province of Ontario, the County of York, the Village of Woodbridge before 1971, and the Regional Municipality of York after 1971.

City of Vaughan (Ont.). Council

City of Vaughan Development Planning Department fonds

  • CA CoV Archives RG 14
  • Fonds
  • 1968-2015 [predominant 1968-1996]

Fonds consists of multiple types of records. The City of Vaughan Development Planning Department fonds is constituted of four series: general reference files, 1968-1995; aerial photographs, [ca. 1940]-1991; Cartographic records, 1952-1982 (predominant ; 1964-1974); and Cultural Heritage files, 2015. The first series is semi-active and consists of studies, reports, subject correspondence, by-laws, administrative records, as well as supporting maps and site plans. The aerial photograph series provide evidence of the considerable physical transition experienced by Vaughan since WWII as a result of development. The Cartographic records series consists of plates (i.e. maps showing land boundaries, subdivision, ownership, and all data essential to identify all units thereon), as well as base street maps and topographical maps. Finally, the cultural heritage series consists of housing documentation and heritage inventory files, pertinent to existing and demolished historic properties within the municipality.

Accession RG 14-016.1 consists of 5 legal sized bankers boxes, containing subway design reports created for the Toronto/York Spadina Subway Extension Projects. The reports pertain to the Steeles West Station, the Highway 407 Station and the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station. These boxes were transferred from the JOC in August of 2016.

Accession RG 14-018.1 consisted of materials relating to the Maple Heritage District, including: 179 projector slides, photographs, reports and various Maple maps and subdivision plans.

Accession RG 14-018.2 consisted of a transfer of 4 bankers boxes from the JOC, which contained ca. 1000 photographs, 89 floppy disks and 6 cm of textual materials relating to Vaughan's Built Heritage. Due to conservation concers, all the floppy disk images were converted onto CDs , as well as shared on the City's "Corp Share (F:)" drive for easier access.

See accession forms for full list of materials transferred.

Accession M022.3 consists of maps depicting a watermain relocation. The maps also depict several historical buildings, as well as City Hall, in the surrounding area.

City of Vaughan Engineering Services Department Fonds

  • CA CoV Archives RG 17
  • Fonds
  • 1995-2003

Fonds consists of aerial photographs that cover the entire City of Vaughan and include images of streets and highways, rivers, railway lines and stations, hospitals, community centres, subdivisions, conservation areas, public attractions, reservoirs, factories and plants, lumber yards, airfields, fairgrounds, and shopping centres. Also included are "indexes" for each year which make finding a particular photograph or area of Vaughan quite easy. Also included is a Leroy Lettering Set which was used for mechanical lettering on maps and drawings in the Engineering Services Dept until 1995/96 at which time computers took a more prevalent role in the department's business functions. Also included are a polar planimeter which was used to determine metric area, and a case containing fifty-five railroad curves which were used in the design and layout of roads.

City of Vaughan Hydro-Electric Commission Fonds [Textual records]

  • CA CoV Archives RG 10
  • Fonds
  • 1924-1991, predominant 1971-1991

Fonds consists of textual records and other material. Bills of material, site plans, architectural and technical drawings, tender documents, work orders, and financial statements relating to the Ontario Hydro Commission's Woodbridge Distribution Station, as well as the Concord, Bathurst St., and Elder's Mills stations constitute the bulk of the fonds as it relates to the Vaughan Township Hydro-Electric Power Commission. The majority of the fonds, however, consists of one series of the Town/City of Vaughan Hydro-Electric Commission: agendas and minutes, and accompanying site plans and other like supporting documentation of the Commission, 1971-1991. The in-camera minutes of the Town/City of Vaughan Hydro-Electric Commission remain in the custody of the City Clerk at the request of the latter acting in the capacity of Secretary to the City of Vaughan Hydro-Electric Commission. A small series of by-laws spanning 1978-1987 is also present. The RG 10-009.1 accession is constituted of minutes, by-laws, commissioners

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