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Jane Kean fonds [Textual record and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives M013.11
  • Fonds
  • 1972-1991

Fonds consists of newspaper article on Help's Penny-Wise sale in 1978, proposed land use maps, campaign material for the 1972 election when Jim Cameron, Bill King, Mike Bevan and Claire Coates were running for Council with support from KARA, a report on Transit in Vaughan 1973, and newspapers, coins, and programs from Vaughan's inauguration as a City in 1991.

Janet Berton fonds (MG 52)

  • CA CoV Archives MG 52
  • Fonds
  • 1837-2013, predominant 1950-2004

The fonds consists of records that reflect the different roles that Janet played throughout her life as well as the various activities and functions she performed throughout the community. The fonds is arranged into five series and then various subseries, all of which reflect Janet’s diverse activities.

The majority of the records are textual (i.e. minutes, reports, correspondence, published material, newspapers, etc.) although there is also a sizable photograph collection as well as some maps and plans and even artwork. Fonds consists of: Binder Twine Festival programs, posters, artwork, committee minutes, advertising, press releases, copies of by-laws, books, correspondence, account ledgers, newsletters, speeches, research notes, newspaper clippings, cassette tapes, Kleinburg/community history notes (eg. United Church, historical buildings and homes, families and individuals), walking tour booklets, notes on Kleinburg and Vaughan development, Humber Heritage committee notes, agendas, newspaper clippings, reports, LACAC/Heritage Vaughan books, notes on heritage homes and architecture, minutes and agendas, manuals, newspaper clippings, reports, CFUW books, newsletters, pamphlets, journal articles, minutes, conference notes, newspaper clippings, Kleinburg Home & School Association notes, newspaper clippings, HELP newspaper clippings, minutes, newsletters, Operation Catch-Up files, CACY pollution and development notes, Dellcrest notes, reports, minutes, KARA agendas and minutes, notes, correspondence, address books, calendars, agendas, travel notes and booklets, guidebooks and maps for locations around the world, other Ontario and Canadian heritage books, reports, magazines (York, food, National Geographic, Beaver, cat), fiction books, journals, programs, pamphlets, maps, Kleinburg Shaw store account ledgers from late 1800s to ca. 1930.

Berton, Janet

Janet Watt fonds [Graphic material]

  • CA CoV Archives M996.15
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1870]-1934

Fonds consists of photographs and postcards depicting Thomas D. Keffer, M.D., 1843-1921 and Jane Keffer (Evans), and various descendants thereof. This small fragmentary fonds is noteworthy for the presence of an early image, ca. 1870, of Dr. Keffer. Also includes and excellent image of the T.D. Keffer House in Maple, 1909.

Jean A. Bryson fonds [Textual record and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 25
  • Fonds
  • 1901-2007, predominant 1950-1970

Fonds consists of Jean Keffer artwork from 1935; correspondence regarding the annual Campbell, Keffer, Cameron, and Snider family reunions; Jean

Jesse Bryson fonds [Textual record and Graphic material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 9
  • Fonds
  • 1841-1990, predominant 1905-1976

Fonds consists of Vaughan Township Council minutes, 1930; voters lists 1958, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1970; annual report of Council, 1947, 1964; report of Waterworks Committee, 1964; and sundry material. Numerous legal documents relating to the Bryson property, east half of lot 34, concession 7 are present; these include the original deed conveying the subject lands to James McMurchy in 1841, as well as the last will and testament of James and Archibald McMurchy, respectively. Also present is advertising material re: Vaughan Industrial Acres, and a report on historically and architecturally significant structures in Vaughan, 1975, and a biographical sketch of Major "Lex" Mackenzie. Images depict the class of 1916 of the Agricultural Short Course offered by the Ont. Ministry of Agriculture, the Maple Cattle Breeders Association, 1946, and architecture and streetscapes in Vaughan Township, 1920-1976; (predominantly 1975-1976). A number of the photographs appear to be formatted for the production of G. E. Reaman's 1971 monograph re: Vaughan Township. A small aggregate of early 20th century postcards relating to Vaughan and Woodbridge collected by Jesse Bryson round out the fonds. The records donated by the Brysons in 2000 are composed of Vaughan Council minutes from 1867-1972; correspondence; electoral boundary maps; Vaughan Township by-laws(1850-1983) and policies; reports from the Vaughan Planning Department; election brochures; voter lists; community pamphlets for events in which Jesse either participated or attended; papers from the Soil Conservation society of America, the Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, York County Federation of Agriculture, and Black Creek Pioneer Village; Vaughan Treasurer Accounts from 1893-1905; Vaughan Auditors Reports; planning reports from the C.N.R. Railyard; 2 1918 photographs from the Agricultural Short Course; pamphlets and papers from the International Plowing Match; reports from the Purpleville School Board of Trustees; posters and letters concerning the Vaughan Liquor Vote of 1963; records from the Vaughan Museum Committee; annual reports from the York Central Hospital; letters and reports from the Soil Conservation Society of America; tax assessments from 1921-1970; letters from the Agricultural Institute of Canada; programs from the opening of the Bloorview Children

Jim Cameron fonds [Textual records and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 31
  • Fonds
  • 1934-2001, predominant 1950-1990

Fonds consists of plans, reports, studies, correspondence, published materials, essays, and newspaper clippings which document the planning and development of Vaughan. Specific Vaughan topics within the fonds include the Maple dump, the Maple theme park, the Woodbridge annexation, and the building of the Vaughan industrial park, to name but a few. Moreover, official plans and studies for Thornhill, Maple, Kleinburg, Nashville, and Woodbridge provide invaluable evidence as to the evolutionary development of these communities.

Jim Maw collection [Textual record and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 66
  • Fonds
  • 1899-2002

Fonds consists of two booklets with various stories on Kleinburg, pamphlets from Central United Church and Woodbridge Presbyterian Church, a program for a walking tour of Kleinburg, A History of Nashville written by Jim Maw, 2 CDs with images of Nashville and accompanying explanatory notes, and lists of the baptisms, marriages, and deaths at the Nashville Presbyterian Church (Accession M009.8).

Accession M016.8 consists of one black and white photo from the first Burrlington School "Old Boys and Girls Reunion". The reunion was held at Scott's Bush at the west end of Nashville on August 29, 1931. During the afternoon, a program of spots was conducted by Len Patterson and Tom McDonough. The event continued for the next ten years, and eventually ended as a result of World War II.

John and Doris Neufeld fonds [Cartographic material]

  • CA CoV Archives M996.23
  • Fonds
  • 1904-1963

Fonds consists of three maps of Maple dated 1904, 1936, and 1963 which depict the layout of the community as well as the names and locations of various businesses and farms.

John H. Thompson fonds [Textual records and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 43
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1939-2019 M995.2 copied 1995

Fonds consists of reproductions of material generated as a result of J. H. Thompson's war experience with the Royal Canadian Air Force: photographs depict Thompson and various members of 245 Squadron, as well as their aircraft, most notably the Typhoon with which the unit was equipped from mid-1943 (the Typhoon was a ground-attack aircraft specializing in the destruction of armoured vehicles and like precision ground target; flown at very low levels, casualties from ground fire were considerable); also present are images of Hawker Hurricane and Tomahawk fighterplanes; the former equipped the squadron until mid-1943, when it was issued with the Typhoon and the latter served as a trainer; noteworthy among the photographs are particularly poignant images of fighter crews after battle over Holland in Autumn 1945 fraternizing with Dutch children and socializing among themselves. The fonds also includes copies of contemporary newspaper clippings relating to war news and recent vintage newespaper clippings recounting Thompson's war experience; German propaganda dropped behind Allied lines in an attempt to demoralize the invading forces; Thompson's Certificate of Service in the Royal Canadian Air Force, delineating the particulars of his service; target map for Le Fresne-Camilly, France in August of 1944; various certificates of qualification: as pilot, for formation flying, altitude tolerance test, etc.; Thompson's complete flight log for 1941 to March 1945; after-action reports of 245 Squadron for 8 July-29 Sept. 1944. M009.19 accession composed of an issue of the Globe and Mail newspaper from Jan. 24, 1944 and three artifacts: one pair of boots, one pair of galoshes, and one belt with a gun holster and ammunition pouch which belonged to John Thompson.

Accession M021.1 contains books that document the history of flight/aviation, the role of RCAF during World War II and related topics. The accession also contains a model plan, video of a German plane, a mug, magnet, nails, a plaque and a couple of framed photographs.

John Kean Fonds [Textual record and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives M014.2
  • Fonds
  • 1967-2002

Fonds consists of a postcard of Kleinburg showing the Post Office ca. 1970, Pierre Berton's The Indefensible Border (1967), a sound disk with Pierre Berton's narration of Sounds of The Great Canadian Railways (1975), a program from the Pierre Berton Celebration Dinner (1979), a sound disk of the Vaughan Festival Choir (1967), and the 2002 issue of the Liberal with an article on Lorna Jackson's death.

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