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Photographs of Maple School and Purpleville School students

  • CA CoV Archives M992.29
  • Documento
  • [ca. 1896], [1917 or 1918]

File consists of images of students assembled before the two-room brick Maple School House (School Section #6), built in 1896, capturing much of the structure; students of the Purpleville School (School Section #11); school building not included in latter image.

Photographs of Daniel and Isaac Reaman : [ca. 1870, 1918]

  • CA CoV Archives M989.24
  • Documento
  • Copied 1989

File consists of photographs. Individuals of Swiss descent who traced their lineage in Vaughan Township to John Reaman, who purchased lot 15, concession 2 in 1804; descendants of Reaman family continue to reside in City of Vaughan.

Photographs of Rupertville residences : [ca. 1887] [see notes]

  • CA CoV Archives M989.35
  • Documento
  • Copied 1989

File consists of photographs. Two images of respective two-storey brick residential structures; internal evidence suggests hamlet of Rupertville as location of both structures; date of execution, attribution and other details unknown.

Photographs of commissioners

  • CA CoV Archives M989.43
  • Documento
  • 1982-1985

File consists of photographs. Images include: Celeste Iacobelli; Ray McAfee; Dick Taylor; Murray Daulman; Lorne Reesor; Young Roe; Lorna Jackson. All served 1982-1985.

Vaughan Township and Town of Vaughan crests

  • CA CoV Archives M991.4
  • Documento
  • [n.d.]

File consists of crests. Crests are identical with exception of inscriptions : respectively, Vaughan Township, and Town of Vaughan. 1 Township, 3 Town crests.

Printer's plates and photographs

  • CA CoV Archives M990.35
  • Documento
  • 1912-1970

File consists of printing plates and photographs. All material in this series relates to Woodbridge : printer's plates depict Implement Day, 1900, the Village Council, 1886, and 1960, the Memorial Tower, the Woodbridge corporate seal, maps of the village, 1870, and 1960. Prints depict W.H. Young, Clerk of the Village of Woodbridge, a gasoline threshing engine, 1912, and a farm equipment retail outlet.

An annotated atlas of Vaughan and King Township ca. 1851 : [1984]

  • CA CoV Archives M992.25
  • Documento
  • Copied 1992

File consists of maps compiled as part of a York University Geography course, 1984. Three sets of 2 maps (1 each of Vaughan and King Township per set); the first set delineates land use per 1000 acre blocks; the second indicates the names of landowners/tenants; the final set outlines the number of horses, oxen, cattle, sheep, and swine per 1000 acre block. All maps are based on the 1851 nominal and agricultural census returns.

Maple and Rupert Town : [site plan] : [18--?] [see notes]

  • CA CoV Archives M991.9
  • Documento
  • Copied 1991

File consists of a site plan that delineates the division line between Maple and Rupert Town; also indicates lot subdivisions and illustrates situation of Village of Richmond Hill relative to Maple and Rupert Town.

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