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World War I, 1914-1918
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An American Soldier Letters of Edwin Austin Abbey / compiled by Katharine Eleanor Abbey [Textual record]

  • CA CoV Archives M011.22
  • Item
  • 1918

Item consists of a compilation of letters written by Edwin while in Canada, in hospital, and in France to his mother and father. Edwin's commander was Addison Alexander Mackenzie who he references in several of his letters. Collection is evidence of the effect of the war on the soldiers as well as those at home and gives historical information on the soldier's daily life in the trenches.

Canadian Militia paybook, Canadian Expeditionary Force discharge certificate + three dimensional artifact (bayonet)

  • CA CoV Archives M998.2
  • File
  • 1918-1919

File consists of textual records and an artifact. Canadian Expeditionary Force discharge certificate issued by reason of demobilization, 1919; Canadian Militia pay book, which includes sections relating to holder's immunization hisory and the preparation of military wills, 1918-1919; accompanying artifact is present in the form of a bayonet for a British Lee Enfield rifle.

Edgeley Women's Institute fonds

  • CA CoV Archives MG 17
  • Fonds
  • 1861-1993

Fonds consists of: Minute books, 1913-1993 (1926-1937 volume is missing) delineating the deliberations, decisions, and activities of the Edgeley Women's Institute; minute books also include lists of officers and directors, attendance records of members, and cash book entries and general financial statements. One separate cash book, 1988-1993. Programmes, 1921-1981. Edgeley Tweedsmuir History, which in addition to a history of the Edgeley area from 1792 includes a list of guest speakers that addressed the institute, biographies of certain members, lists of officers and members who held offices at the district and provincial level. There are also notes and draft chapters for the Tweedsmuir History, as well as a manual for the latter's compilation issued by the Ontario Women's Institute, and a number of original documents collected as research material for the history. The fonds also includes a photograph series constituted of two aggregates; the first focuses on the membership and activities of the Edgeley Women's Institute. The second consists of historic photographs relating to Edgeley; some notable images include the Edgeley School with pupils assembled in front, 1888, a turn-of-the-century barn raising, a steam tractor converted to power a circular saw, 1900, and the interior of a typical 1920's farmhouse.

Elder's Mills Women's Institute fonds

  • CA CoV Archives MG 22
  • Fonds
  • 1949-2010

Fonds consists of minute books of the agency for the period 1949 to 2010, and a microfilm copy of the community Tweedsmuir history, microfilmed in 1984. The institute minutes include integral financial statements noting receipts and disbursements, as well as lists of officers and directors, and attendance registers. The Tweedsmuir history is composed of eight topical elements: mills, including the origin of the place name Elder's Mills, family histories and biographies, photographs, maps of original land owners, and Indigenous History; the Elder's Mill's Women's Institute, including organizational history, personal histories of membership, membership lists, etc. ; churches; schools, including Elder's Mills (School Section #15), Vaughan School (Lower Ninth) (School Section 13), Mackenzie Senior Public School, and a brief history of schools in the western half of Vaughan; roads and fences; farms, from the 7th to the 9th concession, community organizations; and services, including the Woodbridge and Vaughan Telephone Company, Woodbridger Hydro-Electric Power Commission, Toronto Grey and Bruce Railway; also included is a roll of Elder's Mills residents who served in His Majesty's Forces in World War I.

Facility and Maintenance Services fonds (formerly Buildings and Facilities Department fonds) [Graphic material and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives RG 22
  • Fonds
  • [19-?]-2015, predominant 1995-2015

Fonds consists of various materials received by the Facility Maintenance Service Departments from various City locations and departments. The majority of materials are graphic in nature and include artwork and pictures left behind in the Old Civic Centre and by other departments. Accession (RG 22-012.1) consists of materials that were transferred to the Archives in June of 2012, following the opening of the New City Hall in March of 2011. This accession included 13 items:

  1. Portrait of Sir William Blackstone, 1723-1780
  2. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  3. 8 Fire Escape Routes (showing layout of old civic centre) + 1 fire escape route booklet
  4. Vaughan Coat of Arms (wooden disk) - Deaccessioned November 27th, 2014, to allow for the Coat of Arms to be rehung in the Council Chambers.
  5. Photo of (from left to right) John Zipay - Commissioner of Planning, Frank Miele - Commissioner of Economic & Technology Development & Communications, Janice Atwood-Petkovski - Commissioner of Legal and Administrative Services and City Solicitor, Michael DeAngelo - City Manager, Clayton Harris - Commissioner of Finance and City Treasurer, Marlon Kallideen - Commissioner of Community Services, John Stevens - Commissioner of Engineering and Public Works, Photos of: Barbara Cribbett (Commissioner of Finance, City Treasurer), Paul Jankowski (Commissioner of Engineering and Public Works), Marlon H. Kallideen (Commissioner of Community Services), John Mackenzie (Commissioner of Planning), Joseph Pitari (Commisisoner of Strategic and Corporate Services)
  6. Photo of Woodbridge Memorial Hill Presented by McKenzie Branch 414, R.C.L.
  7. 2 Woven banners with Vaughan coat of arms
  8. 6 frames of the Reeves of Vaughan Township and Village of Woodbridge (2 frames with text, 4 with pictures)
  9. 5 wooden plaques (cut from wall of old civic centre) with names of those who presumably died in WWI and WWII
  10. Bronze plaque of Garnet A. Williams 1915-1982, Councillor, Deputy Reeve, Reeve and Mayor, Erected 1982 (dates of office and bust on plaque)
  11. Bronze plaque of Albert H. Rutherford 1911-1971, Councillor, Deputy Reeve, Reeve, Erected 1972 (dates of office and bust on plaque)
  12. Bronze and aluminum plaque of Daniel Reaman 1832-1885, Councillor, Erected 1972 (dates of office and bust on plaque)
  13. Plaque commemorating the opening of the Civic Centre on Major Mackenzie Drive 1982 with names of Councillors and Mayor and Administrators at time.

The second accession (RG 22-014.1) included 2 paintings that had been hung for many years in the Woodbridge Public Library, that were left for Building and Facilities to dispose. These items included 2 paintings by Susan Gibson of the effects of Hurricane Hazel on the Woodbridge River. These paintings were created in 1957 and given to the Woodbridge Public Library where they were hung until November of 2014.

The third accession (RG 22-016.1) consists of items received by the City of Vaughan in recognition of programming, events and work completed by the City. These materials had been transferred to Facility Maintenance Services by other departments and eventually transferred to the Archives in March of 2016. Included in this accession are:
1) One (1) 2005 Canada Communities in Bloom - International Winner - 5 Blooms
2) One (1) 2005 Canada Communities in Bloom

Leon Joseph Coward fonds [Textual records, Graphic material]

  • CA CoV Archives M988.7
  • Fonds
  • 1910-1987

Fonds consists of textual and graphic records. Registration of birth certificates, and discharge certificate from the Canadian Expeditionary Force; portrait photograph, 1910 of Coward, and framed photoprint of Sir Arthur William Currie, commander of the Canadian Corps, saluting the 2nd Canadian Division, with Private Coward among its ranks, as it crosses the Rhine at Bonn in Dec. 1918; Coward's obituary.

Major Lex Mackenzie collection

  • CA CoV Archives M997.24
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1954]-1974, predominant 1962-1974

Collection consists predominantly of newspaper clippings recounting Mackenzie's various achievements in public life. Also includes campaign literature and printed matter related to one of Mackenzie's Provincial PC election bids; leaflet for an event honouring Mackenzie in 1966, which provides considerable biographical data; a programme for the 1974 opening of the Mackenzie House, originally located on the south-east corner of Highway #7 and Islington Avenue in Woodbridge, and relocated by the MTRCA to Black Creek Pioneer Village in 1973, does the same; it also provides information about the Mackenzie family generally.

Major Mackenzie's Cavalry Lance with Unit Pennon [object]

  • CA CoV Archives M014.16
  • Item
  • ca. 1905

Item consists of one cavalry lance with unit pennon - approx 257cm x 4 cm diameter. The lance itself is made of a strong bamboo shaft which has been stained and laquered. The top of the lance has a triangular section head with three blade edges for maximum penetration. The shoe or 'butt' of the lance is shaped to fit into a special carrying harness on the horse saddle. The unit pennon is red and white in colour (with the red on the top) and made of felt. The pennon is attached to the lance by three red ribbons.

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