Water conservation



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Water conservation

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Water conservation

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Water conservation

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Humber river: the carrying place / Toronto and Region Conservation Authority [Textual record]

  • CA CoV Archives M010.20
  • Item
  • 2009

Item consists of an extensive history of the evolution of the Humber River and Carrying Place Trail and their contribution over the years to the development of Canada through exploration, settlement, and commerce. Includes a timeline of histroical events as well as historical photos and coloured photographs of the Humber River and surrounding area.

Jim Cameron fonds [Textual records and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 31
  • Arquivo
  • 1934-2001, predominant 1950-1990

Fonds consists of plans, reports, studies, correspondence, published materials, essays, and newspaper clippings which document the planning and development of Vaughan. Specific Vaughan topics within the fonds include the Maple dump, the Maple theme park, the Woodbridge annexation, and the building of the Vaughan industrial park, to name but a few. Moreover, official plans and studies for Thornhill, Maple, Kleinburg, Nashville, and Woodbridge provide invaluable evidence as to the evolutionary development of these communities.

Boyd Conservation Area master planning study and conservation assessment report / Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

  • CA CoV Archives M994.7
  • Item
  • 1984

Item consists of a study. The purpose of the Master Planning Study was the preparation and approval of a Master Plan for the development, operation and management of the Boyd Conservation Area, owned and leased by the MTRCA. The plan documents the scope and scale of site development, the locations for suitable site uses, and supporting facilities such as road access, parking, water supply and waste disposal. The site is characterized by ten designated environmentally significant areas; extensive flood plains, steep wooded valley slopes, 230 ha of natural forests; 51 ha of reforestation, 170 ha of agriculture, five buildings of historical interest, and a number of known archaeological sites.

Francis Redelmeier fonds [Textual records and other material]

  • CA CoV Archives MG 50
  • Arquivo
  • 1962-2002

Fonds consists of correspondence, reports, agreements, by-laws, minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, workshop notes, maps, and photographs relating to the Keele Valley Landfill, the Oak Ridges Moraine, Toronto and GTA environment, and planning and development in Maple.

Don Valley conservation report : [1950]

  • CA CoV Archives M993.34
  • Item
  • Copied 1993

Item consists of a report prepared by Conservation Branch of Department of Planning and Development, with assistance of Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology, Toronto and Suburban Planning Board and the Office of the Engineer of North York Township. Comments on geology, physiograpy, and climate of the Don Watershed; also comments on flora and fauna, water, land use and land use capability, and recreation in the area. Includes considerable historical data relating to the Don Watershed: Indigenous History, fur-trading and town planning, 1760-1792, the first settlements, roads and travel, mills, transportation, villages, industry, the watershed since 1867, etc.; most of information gleaned from material housed at the Department of Public Archives and Records, and the Dominion Bureau of Archives, Ottawa. Report includes as appendices a small number of maps delineating land use and existing woodland and restoration land. Only 200 copies of report issued.